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    Automatic change of filter values when a particular date condition is satisfied

    Rahul Nambiar

      Hi All,


      This is one of the complex requirements on which I am stuck from quite some time.

      In my dashboard I am applying a filter for Project Cycles which have values like P1 Cycle 1, P1 Cycle 2, P2 Cycle 1, P2 Cycle 2 and so on. Each Project Cycle has a Project Cycle Start Date and a Project Cycle End Date. Also there is another filter for Releases which has values like R2, R4, R6, R8, R10 and R12. Each release also has its specific Release Start Date and respective Release End Date. These releases are progressive and changes every 2 months.

      My requirement is say when that particular end date approaches for both Releases and Project Cycles, i.e. when Today's date is greater than the End Date for the Project Cycle say P2 Cycle 2. then Cycle filter value should automatically change from that P2 Cycle 2 to P3 Cycle 1 (whose start date=Today's date). Similarly for release's, when the today's date is greater than current Release End Date then the Release filter value should automatically change to the next release (eg. from R10 to R12 and so on).

      I tried a few workarounds using parameters and calculated fields as provided in the community and tableau forums but it is not giving me the desired solution.

      I am unsure if this is possible. Kindly suggest if it is otherwise.


      Any kind of help would be widely appreciated. Btw I am using Tableau Desktop 8.2.3 for development.


      Thanks in advance,


      Rahul Nambiar.