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    Facebook Advertising analysis? Any tips to get started

    Eran Malloch

      Hello Tableau community.


      I run large facebook ad campaigns for clients and am looking for a tool to analyze my data and help me determine where ads or campaigns went off the rails after a time of success.


      It's very much a "cross your fingers and hope like ****" process for manually doing this and it consumes a LOT of time, and often doesn't give me any insight into what went wrong.


      I am hoping Tableau might be able to speed up the process, even though I don't expect it will have ALL the answers.


      I did a few searches in here for items like FB's Power Editor, Ads Manager, etc but all I can seem to find is comments and questions around analysing the results of posts on a FB business account wall (ie how many likes, shares, comments, etc.) which is NOT what I need.


      Hopefully I can explain in a little more detail and someone might be able to point me in the right direction.


      So, I have 1 new client account that had a campaign that did really well in several weeks of July (got off to a good start in week1 and then got better in week 2) but then it died in week 3, and trying to at least compare numbers and try and tease some insights out of what happened is beyond me at this stage.


      I've looked at thinks like ad frequency, CTR, CPC, Ad spend, $ earned from sales and so forth (in excel) but I'm damned if I can find any insights into what went wrong in the last week.

      ad data.jpg

      This sample screenshot shows 3 different lots of data (ad frequency, clicks & ctr) in weekly columns. Whether this info is actually of any use or not, I have no idea.


      I can provide other data if required but it's difficult to know what kind of data to actually look at, let alone how to put it into Tableau and make sense of it.


      If anyone has any ideas or can help me crack this nut, that would be hugely appreciated as this is doing my head in!


      Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to provide.


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          John Brink



          I can be sympathetic to your need. I used to run a small business and facebook ad (while effective), provide poor quality analytics. Seems like you have more of a data analysis question. I think you first need to come up with an informative dataset that you can commit to tracking to identify trends. You have correctly pointed out that Tableau can provide the number crunching (and visualization) and baseline tracking


          i don't know if the rows are clients or ads for particular clients, but I will neverthless take a shot at analyzing the 3rd weak dip. Rows 1,2,4, and 5 seem to have similar variances. Row 3 and row 6 seems to be the outliers. The commonality lies in the right column placement. Seems like the right column for US was extremely active for the 3rd week. The frequency tells me that for the 3rd week your frequency overall was higher across all ads, but row 6 is a good 100% above the previous two week. So since frequency is impression\reach...it would seem to me you have correlation between increase in frequency and decrease of Click thru rate. Was the budget increased for 3rd week?  There's not enough data determine what is going on here. Most importantly I'd like to hear what your conversion rate was during this time. I see a marginly decrease in CTR for row 6. Link clicks increased 10x the previous week from week 3 to week 2. That may be perfectly acceptable for the benefit received in volume. If I was in your shoes I'd conclude that the ad or products are less appealing to viewers seeing it after multiple impressions (the correlation I identified earlier).  Now 3 weeks may be too short of a time frame to judge, but these clearly perform better on first impressions...clearly perform better from a CTR perspective. Now I would not bet the farm on these 3 measures alone. They don't tell the whole story. For example, your conversion rate may be up 50% each week for all I know. And then I would conclude that first impressions are resulting in a click more often (they almost always do), but the QUALITY of those clicking thru is increasing. If your conversion numbers are down (decrease of % of sign ups or purchaseor whatever the case is) as well I'd be an alert b\c the campaigns are on a downward slope.


          But yeah, I'd suggest throwing all your data into Tableau and make a bunch of graphs, looking for correlation, irrelevance, etc. Basically, this may be your process for developing what are the right Key Performance Indicators for what you are doing.


          Cheers and good luck,



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            Paulo Dantas

            Hi Eran and John.


            How can get the comments to analyse what type of comments are, like neutral, positive or negative?



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              Not sure if this was addressed, but I am trying to find out a way to get the conversions recorded inside Facebook Ads when connecting Tableau.


              I don't seem to find an appropriate metric.


              Would you be able to shed some light on this please?


              Thank you very much!