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    Action Filter on specific value

    Conor McMahon

      I have a datasource with a list of bookings. Within this I have a column called CheckedIn. I've created a calculated field for those awaiting checkin, a count of those with Checkin set to FALSE. So for the example below the measure would show 4.

      Checked In




      What I want to to is to add an action to this that will bring me to another dashboard and list those bookings that make up this figure, so in the above example list B,E,F,J. However all I seem to be able to do is to list all 10 bookings.


      The subsequent dashboard should also be the landing place for other actions on measures such as Checked Out, to again list the bookings that have been Checked Out.


      Obviously I'd prefer not to create duplicates of the same dashboard with various combinations of filters applied.


      Any idea greatly appreciated.

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          Conor McMahon

          I worked out a way of doing this. I created a Calculated Field that had a FALSE value. I then added this to the detail of the sheet in question. When creating the Action I set the Target Filter Source to this FALSE field and set the Target to the CheckedIn field.


          I did the opposite for the CheckedOut count, TRUE calculated field, as I wanted a  count of what had been checked out, and create another action pointing only to the checked out sheet in the Source Sheets.


          Remember also to set the Clearing the Selection Will field to Show All Values for each action.