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    Char Click Option

    Govind Ramchetty


      I have bar report like


      Team ,Sales





      When i click Team "A" then it should drill and display A related Names and sales.I dont want to display B team or C team.I have to see only "A" team members.

      This drill should display top of this report only.

      After i have to come back again and i need to select 'B'. so on


      Note: I dont want 2 seperate reports when drill.It should display single report only.


      Normal hierarchy displaying other team information as well.



      Govind R

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          hi govind,


          When we double click in team a then it will display only a team and it will not show b and c.


          If you don't want 2nd sheet here then go with parameter/filter and filter it.




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            Govind Ramchetty


            See in my attachement.I displayed State and sales.


            When i click it should go drill option after i sould come back again and click other state values...

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              Sagar Agarwal



              This is pretty simple. I am assuming that you have the following hierarchy set = Team -> Member Name. Sales will be treated as a Measure, so no need to add it to the hierarchy. You can drop the Sales measure on the Text Shelf on the Marks Card as shown below:



              For the drill down, you can create a worksheet level Actions as below:


              Go to Worksheet -> Actions -> Add Action -> Filter. Over here, set it up as below: Run Action on "Select" & Clearing Selection will "Show All Values"



              This will then work as follows:


              You click on any Team's name (such as "A") and all other values will be hidden; then you can click on the "+" sign to expand and see the team member's names, etc. To show all values once again, just press Escape.

              Attached a workbook using sample superstore data & using Product Category & Sales to show as example. You can replicate this for your Team level data then.


              Let me know if you need additional help.

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                Govind Ramchetty

                My Requirement is .I have dashboad like below.When i click Any State,it should display dril values. After i have to come back again this screen. Again i have to display another state then drill down ....


                State1-->City (When i see cty values i dont want to see any other than state1)

                Again come back

                State2-->Cty (When i see cty values i dont want to see any other than state2)


                Above 2 activities should looks single chart.I dont want to go any extra chart.



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                  Sagar Agarwal

                  Well, I cannot open your workbook due to version issues, but still here you can apply the same technique:


                  Make sure you have set the hierarchy = State -> City and then use this hierarchy in your view instead of State alone.

                  Now create the Action Filter as I mentioned before. Once you click on a State, all other states will be hidden, you selected state will enlarge in size to occupy the space, then you have to hover over the State name to locate the "+" symbol and click on it -> it will list all the cities under that State only.


                  Hope this is clear. Let me know if this doesn't work.

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                    raj vasa

                    Use Parameter


                    Parameter1: (A,B,C,All)



                    create calculated field called " Tier-2 filter"

                    Case Parameter1

                    when "A" then [Names]

                    when "B" then [Names]

                    when "C" then [Names]

                    when "All" then [Team]


                    Create another calculated field  called "Drill down"


                    If [Team]=parameter1 then [Tier-2 filter]


                    Now drag Drill down filed to rows and sales to columns and use Parameter1 to drill down


                    Hope this helps!!