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    Help me create a pie chart by combining selected slices


      I am trying to create a pie chart with 'Department Names' dimension and 'Student Id' measure.

      When the user selects single/multiple Departments from the 'Department' filter, the pie chart should display the percentage of the No. of students of the corresponding department(s).


      I have created it to some extent where in all the selected department's students count is shown in the pie chart as different slices visually and mathematically. The pie chart is displaying each department with a different color/slice and its associated percentage count to total count of students of all the departments.


      I need to club/combine all the selected departments into a single slice/color and a single sum of percentage. Also it should display the unselected students in a 'Remaining'/'Other' category with its associated color/slice and percentage count of students.


      I hope I am clear. Please accept my appologies for not uploading any data due to its sensitivity.



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