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    Disappearing Action Buttons

    Steve Wyche


      I have a really strange and annoying issue with Tableau Desktop 9.3.6.


      I have multiple dashboards that contain "back" buttons and are linked together by actions generated when a user selects a location on a graph.


      For example graph 1 shows days stock cover v stock value.  If I select location 1 say "England" it opens the second dashboard correctly and the "back" button is also visible ...all ok so far, no issues.


      Now, back in graph 1, if I select "Northern Island" it opens the second dashboard correctly BUT the "back" button disappears.


      After many hours diagnosing this, it appears that if I click on any "field name" in a graph that has a space in the name, I get the disappearing "back" button.


      I've renamed the fields with spaces using aliases but the same thing happens.


      Now I'm completely stumped..any ideas welcome


      Unfortunately due to the nature of the data I'm using, I cannot share my workbook


      many thanks