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    workflow to preprocess data before integration in tableau


      Hi everyone,


      I am currently searching for a workflow  because I am unable to perform some complex analysis on tableau.


      I would like to preprocess data with python script before integrating in tableau for visualization. In particular we have this problem with salesforce. Some table from salesforce have to be transformed before integration in tableau.


      So we are looking for a workflow in order to do this. For example, we thought to put all the database from salesforce in a mysql database and after that perform python script on the mysql database and after that we can connect tableau to mysql to retrieve data preprocessed (with python script with data from mysql database). Have you got some advices in order to implement this workflow? Because we want to do this very often, we want a strong workflow. Have you ever thought with the same problem in this case ? Maybe I can simply export data from tableau in Mysql automatically ?


      Thank you,