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    Default (Action) Filter Value

    Michael Hesser

      Hello all;

      I have a very large TWBX document I'm struggling with.

      In one viz, I am filtering on an action, reducing the display to a specific project.


      I have turned off the ALL function for this filter,


      Normally this works fine, however if a user accesses this workbook (without clicking on the viz/workbook that usually limits it), he will wait and wait as the viz tries to display ALL projects (not just the a single project as it was intended).


      Is there a simple way to set a default value for an action (or filter) that says "If the user has not selected a single value, chose 'XYZ'?"


      Thank you!

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          David Li

          Hi Michael! You should be able to set the default project to filter in by editing the filter that Tableau created for you when you added the action filter. Also, make sure that you chose the "Leave the filter" option for when the user clears the selection (in the Add Filter Action dialog). Does that give you the result you need?

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            Michael Hesser

            Beautiful! This was "simple-stupid" as a friend of mine said, but it did the trick. I need to make sure I save the TWBX with an action selected; there after it's great for whomever opens it. Thanks for your quick reply!

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              David Li

              You're welcome! I'm glad I could help!

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                Brad Sheridan

                Afternoon David - i tried looking at the Action filter that is created on my target worksheet to set it with a default value, but I don't see it.  I'm not sure I understand your instructions.


                We have 2 worksheets on a dashboard tab.  The top sheet shows a bar chart of the Top 10 customers by sales.  The bottom sheet on the dashboard renders a line chart for whatever is shown at the top.  Clearing the selection at the top clears the line chart at the bottom.  How can I get the line chart at the bottom to always show the top 1 customer only if nothing is selected on the bar chart?