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    Click on map, go to a table

    gene shackman

      Question. I want to set up a site like this:

      County Health Indicators by Race/Ethnicity (CHIRE)


      Start with a map of New York State counties. If the visitor clicks on a county, they go to a table of data for the county.


      I had asked this before, but not quite right. I think I can set up a dashboard that has the map, then when people click on a county, a table comes up in the same screen, so there is a map and table both showing on the screen at the same time.


      What I want to do though is that when they click on the map, they go to a table for the county. Not a screen with the map and table, but just the table. The person should be able to download the data table for the county as well.


      I'm not sure of the mechanics of this, whether this means another webpage, or another dashboard or whether the map dashboard brings them to a spreadsheet. Still learning, sorry if this makes my request more difficult.