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    Has there been a change in Grand Totals?

    Frances Prevas

      Hello - I am a complete newbie. The company I work for is on Tableau 8.2. I am informed that we have implemented security patches, but have not upgraded yet.


      I have inherited some reports that were written over a year ago by a coworker who has moved on to another position. The client who uses these reports noticed about a week ago that the Grand Totals have disappeared from the report, although there have been no changes. I have seen older copies of this report, and there are clearly Grand Totals, but when I run the report now, there are none.


      I have looked at the workbooks, and there are no calculated totals, so I'm not sure where the Grand Totals came from. When I look up Grand Totals online, it looks like it needs to be a calculated field.


      Will I have to rewrite these reports to calculate the Grand Totals? Is there an explanation I can give my boss as to what happened?