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    Problem with filter and highlighting




      I would like to include a highlight action that corresponds with my dashboard filter. My dashboard includes a map of different countries (see below),



      circle map.png

      When a country is selected from the dashboard filter, it isolates the corresponding country on the map and fills in the rest of the dashboard like this,

      circle map 1.png

      What I would like it to do, is for the circle to not be isolated but to be highlighted like it is when you click on the circle itself (see below),

      circle map 2.png

      I know it is possible to have this by using the map itself as the dashboard filter, but it is important that I have the dropdown menu instead.


      Is there anyway that I can keep the filter as is, while having the selected country highlight on the map rather than having all the other countries disappear?


      Here is a link to my workbook for reference : https://public.tableau.com/views/unhcrworkbookaug/Dashboard2?:embed=y&:display_count=yes 


      Thank you,