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    How to fake a value when there is no value

    Haroldy Tevaras



      Problem: I am trying to create an 'availability' chart. what this means is that if there are no incidents related to that application, it should be available 100%. If there are incidents, then the percentage of time that the application was down is subtracted from 100. so far its pretty simple. The problem lies in the fact that because I'm reporting off incidents, if there is no incident then there is no value for that particular application in that month. So, if the CRM system didn't have an incident for July 2015, the field for it will be empty.


      What I need is to create a field that fakes a value for those instances in which there is no value. I tried following this suggestion, previous function |Tableau Community  (if isnull(attr([Amt])) then previous_value(attr([Amt])) else attr([Amt]) end) but it is not working because it is reporting incidents for that month, instead of the value of 1.


      Any Ideas?