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    Vertical layout container won't collapse

    Ryan Gensel

      I have 3 worksheets on a dashboard with a parameter that controls (using filters) whether to show only one worksheet or a combo of two worksheets (stacked on top of each other). The problem I am having is that when I show the single worksheet, the adjacent vertical container that encloses the 2 stacked worksheets only collapses to 30px wide. Since this element has limited screen real-estate on the dashboard, 30px is a significant amount of space to lose (on top of losing the grace of seamless transitions between views).


      My requirements do not allow the use of floating elements.




      Bars Collapsed.pngContainers.png



      Area Only.png ORBars Only.png



      I have tried many variations of layout containers, but haven’t been able to resolve the issue.



      I have also tried stacking all three worksheets on top of each other, which resolves the width issue, however since part of the requirements are that the bottom stacked worksheet appear more as a “spark,” it needs to be much shorter than the chart above it. Using a fixed height in this case, freezes that height even when the worksheet is supposed to be hidden.



      I am attaching an demonstration workbook that uses the Super Sales dataset that we’ve all come to know and love.



      The workbook has the three worksheets, and a limited handful of various solutions I’ve tried. Container background shading have been added to emphasize issue, but still display the same symptoms (for the most part) when removed.




      No titles

      No fixed heights or widths (with the exception of the bottom stacked “spark” worksheet, which has a fixed height)

      No manual sizing

      No floated elements










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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Ryan,


          I am not sure about fulfilling all your requirements, anyway...

          Please find the attached (with my try on Dashboard 7).


          The idea is to use floating (vertical) containers

          as placeholders laying on top of each other,

          so they "pop-up" when swapping by a Parameter.




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            Ryan Gensel

            Hi Yuri,


            Thank you so much for the reply and resolution attempt! Floating the elements does solve the formatting issue, however due to my requirements I can't use floated elements.




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              Ryan Gensel

              Thanks to my former Tableau Visual Analytics teacher Sarah (at Tableau) for providing the following solution:


              Using the Stacked version (all 3 worksheets stacked on top of each other), she went into the bottom worksheet and manually resized the graph within the worksheet itself. When I previously was working with the stacked version, I was setting a fixed height from the Dashboard, which meant it would not collapse smaller than that fixed height. Setting the height locally in the worksheet, constrained that size, but allowed the worksheet to still collapse.




              Line (method of resolution).png

              Area (Resolved).pngBars (Resolved).png


              STILL UNRESOLVED (1):


              While the solution above does reduce the wasted white-space by a significant factor, there still remains the ghost padding of two collapsed worksheets (in this view). I would like to see in the future a non-floating collapsible panel able to be reduced to 0px. This would allow the seamless transition from one worksheet to another, within the same dashboard.


              Area (with small collapsed space).png


              STILL UNRESOLVED (2):


              The other remaining issue here is how layout containers maintain their padding, even while containing collapsed worksheets. I've only seen this as an issue when one worksheet/container is adjacent to multiple worksheets in the same container.


              Bars Collapsed.png


              Thanks to everyone else that took a look and thought about this one!