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    how to filter out duplicate zip

    Simon Willis

      Hi all,


      See image/attached workbook. I have stores or branch Nbr. Associated with each store are 1 or more zipcodes. Like the example below, BranchNbr 3903 is in DMA/market 501 and has a list of zip codes and each zip has its own DMA number. Some zipcodes are in market 501 or 533 and that's fine since there are no duplicate zips.

      Here's my dilemma - Branch Nbr 7447 has a duplicate zip (95014) so I need to throw one out, preferably zipcode 95014 in DMA 828 because it's a different DMA than the branch Nbr.

      How do I filter out this duplicate zip and keep everything else intact?


      This was my first Community post so let me know what to improve!