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    v10 Online / Desktop: custom or alternate color palettes for clusters revert back to Automatic

    Andrea Brice


      I'm new to Tableau and online, so if this is not the correct place to submit my question first, please just let me know where I should go.


      I'm working with the new v10 clustering in analytics.  I am changing the color palette on my desktop and seeing the colors I expect to see with my 3 cluster viz.  However, if I close and then open the file, or load the file up to the server, my cluster viz - and only my cluster viz - reverts back to the original automatic color selection.  My bubble chart, filled map, and scatter charts all keep the color selection.  Only the viz with my clusters reverts. 


      If this is a known problem, where's the best place for me to check the bug reports, or report it.

      Thank you,