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    Partly data missing after refreshing the extract

    Binbin LIU

      Hello everyone,


      I used a filed "Loaded_date" (data type as date) as "Last update date" in my dashboard, this is not a new field added in database (SQL server) or a calculated filed. It's added as a  worksheet: Last update <Loaded_date>, I put loaded_date in text and show it in title.

      when I publish the dashboard with tableau server, I verify it well appears in dashboard on line, but every time after refreshing the extract as scheduled, only this field disappear.

      The way I publish:

      1. Extract data, add "Last update"

      2. Refresh data before publishing worksheet



      Publish on line as:


      After refreshing:



      I also tried to publish data source (Extract) to the server, the status showed it finish the full refresh and been refreshed, but this didn't work:



      I will try to put this field in text box and show it as a parameter. But I really don't understand why it failed refreshing and be empty, because I use the same method for other fields (added as a  worksheet, put variable in text and show it in title).

      Please help!


      Thank you!