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    Ashley Cloutier

      I am using Tableau 10 and I have 2 data connections (both Text). One file has all of my actual data and the other file is just one column of dates. I am trying to connect the two so that each date has every record of data. I was previously using the older version and did this using one Excel file with 2 sheets and a legacy connection to do this -



      I'm just wondering if I can connect two separate files instead of using the legacy connection because I'm trying to create an automatic file that updates daily and my current integration only sends a text file (one sheet) to our FTP site. I tried just doing a data connection and then using the Add feature in 10 to add the second file and then connect the two, but it doesn't give me the option to do >= or <=. I can only use =


      Am I just out of luck with this one?