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    Sum Only Unique Values

    Chase Cottle

      I have a problem I can’t quite seem to crack, and wondering if ya'll could help me think of a solution...



      In our data set we have a few duplicates coming in on orders. One of the columns we have is the order id (it’s listed as Adv Sub2), so I can see that there are multiple rows with the same order id. I would like to set a filter up to keep only one of the rows that has a unique id.



      here is a screenshot for example:

      Screenshot 2016-09-12 13.28.02.png





      So you can see that those 3 highlighted rows have the same Adv Sub2 ID, which is indicating duplicate orders posting in. Then when looking at the total sales number it is inflated, showing $6,031 when it should be showing $4,805.



      The goal is to only sum up those unique values based on order id, any ideas on how I could do this?