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    Tableau Stacked Bar Chart ( Not summing when filtered)

    Anil Pottem

      Hi Folks,

      I need your help about this issue I'm facing .


      Currently, I have a Stacked bar chart with Tx hrs on Columns & Txn qty on Rows


      I have 4 filters on this Stacked bar chart.


      Filters are multiple selections


      When I Select multiple values on any of these filters the Stacked bar is not aggregating the DB the values automatically as it stacks on top of each other



      Product 1 @ hrs 2PM@ location A sold 25

      Product 2 @ hrs 2 PM @location A sold 13


      As per business it should show 33 total when I hover on the stack. but currently its showing  25 & 13 separately and its not summing them up.


      any ideas ? please help me with this.