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    How to format tooltips when marking multiple items?


      Hi guys-


      I encountered a tooltip formatting issue, can you please help me?


      I have a visualization showing 'Total Cost' or 'Total Hours' based on what is selected from a parameter control. I edited the tooltip to show the metric description based on what metric it is showing. When marking one item, or hover over any state, the tooltip is looking perfectly fine. But when I mark multiple items, Tableau is showing a 'smart' aggregation tooltip with the sum of the metric. I really appreciate this aggregation, but is there any way to format it?? I hate it showing a formula like 'SUM of AGG(...): '. If there is no way to format it, how can I hide this line of aggregation comment but still show the command buttons?



      I saw this issue not only in Map charts, but also in some other visualizations like treemap and bar charts. Since users are very likely to mark multiple items, this formatting issue becomes impactful. Can you please give me some advice? Workarounds are welcome too.


      Thank you very much!!!




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          Adam Crahen

          You cannot edit the command buttons.  They are are either on or off.  There are a bunch of ideas out there to add options to this area.  I almost always turn those off for public work as it is just an opportunity for someone to break something.  However, at work that is where the underlying data button is on Server, so that sucks.


          Please check the idea section and upvote the ideas to customize these buttons.