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    Switching Views between Pie Charts on Dashboard

    Yin Yu Lam



      I am trying to create a dashboard that would switch the view between 2 pie charts. The way I did this is by creating a parameter, and depending on which value is selected, only one pie chart should show at a time. On the dashboard, I stack the 2 pie charts on top of each other. When I change the parameter so the bottom layer pie chart would show (replacing the top layer chart), the top layer pie chart is showing a white square and is blocking the view of the bottom layer pie chart. See attached workbook - when you select "Category" from the "Select a Sheet" parameter on the dashboard, I was expecting the bottom layer (Category) chart to show, but it is being blocked by the white square. 


      When I tried replacing the 2 pie charts with 2 bar charts, it does what I was expecting. My guess for this would be that because when I select "Category" for my parameter, the "Market" sheet (supposedly empty) is showing the white square if pie chart is selected, while if bar chart is selected over pie chart, there is no white square (refer to 2 images below). I tried changing the fill color of the worksheet from white to none, it is still not working. Is there any way that I could hide the white square if the chart is empty so the other pie chart would show? Or is there any workaround for this?


      Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

      pie chart blank canvas.png

      bar chart blank canvas.png