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    Field linking reduces the amount of records?

    Peter Hanges

      Hi all,


      I have some marketing data, broken down into Campaign Responses and Leads.  They are updated weekly via two separate excel sheets, and I'm using Tableau to build out a table which shows the number of CRs and Leads over time.  I linked the common date field, which allows me to show both measures on the same table. 


      Both the CRs and Leads share a bunch of other criteria which I'd like to filter on (Geography, Product Family, etc.).  When I add a relationship between the "Geo" field that the two worksheets share and click the "linking" button, the filter works across both datasets, but the numbers aren't correct.  For example: Lets say before I link the Geo field, I'll have 44 CRs and 42 Leads in Q2 2016.  After I link the fields, however, my CRs drop to 11 which obviously isn't correct.  Am I creating relationships between my fields incorrectly?


      I've attached a sample packaged workbook, thanks for any help!