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    Multiple Excel Sheets

    Russel Quan

      Can any one recommend a way to bring into a twb two or more sheets from the same xls WITHOUT joining them?  The only way that I can find to do that is to create two separate data sources.  In doing so, does it consume more memory? 


      Does it complicate the publishing?  I plan to publish the data separate from the twb onto the server.  I'm thinking the best model is to isolate each sheet on a separate xls so that they can be updated independently.




      Thanks in Advance.



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          David Li

          Hi Russel, in addition to joining them or creating two separate data sources, you can union them: Combine Your Data with Union in Tableau 9.3 | Tableau Software


          Creating two separate data sources has advantages and disadvantages, but a lot of that depends on your use case. In general, a single data source will be more resource-efficient than a similar amount of data processed from multiple data sources, but the actual difference depends on the circumstances. It might be too small of a difference to notice or measure. And it doesn't really complicate publishing.

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            Joe Oppelt

            I think this thread is exactly what you are asking:


            Add multiple Excel sheets without joining them

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              Joe Oppelt

              And no, it does not complicate publishing.  You don't need two separate XLS files.  It'll work.

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                Russel Quan

                Thanks for the quick response.

                Is it accurate that to have multiple sheets that are NOT joined, I would have to create multiple data sources?


                I'm thinking that to simplify the architecture, I'll put each sheet in a separate xls, and treat them like separate "tables".  I know the next challenge will be to join where I DO want a join.  I expect that to be easy.  :-)


                I'm interested in any other models that people have used.



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                  Russel Quan

                  Thanks David and Joe,

                  Now I'm experimenting with separate xls files that have key relationships.  A:B, B:C, and C:D.  After joining, I expect to have A:B:C:D.

                  I'm trying this model to simplify migration to a database in the future, and create atomic data sources.


                  I see from the Learning videos that a Cross-Database Join can be performed by adding a Connection.


                  However, in our office we are still on 9.3.

                  I've searched the help, menus, etc, and am not able to find Cross "Database" joins in 9.3.


                  David, the Union info you shared looks like appending rows.  In this case, I'd like to join on columns.




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                    Joe Oppelt

                    Russel -- Yes, non-joined XLS sheets are separate data sources.


                    And if you do that, then (in 9.3) if you want to build some relationship between them, you blend.


                    If you want to JOIN them in 9.3, as far as I know you have to have the sheets in the same XLS file.