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    Filter Top N titles with multi-dimension combined field

    Eileen Lee



      I am rather new in using Tableau and would need help with the following please. I am on Tableau 9.2.4.


      I have created a horizontal bar chart with multiple dimensions, of which Titles and Ratings are two of them. As I need to sort Titles with highest Ratings in a descending order in a non-nested way (i.e. just plain sorting based on this criteria regardless of and not confined within each Channel, Date, and other dimensions used) , I use combined field to this. With this, I have the sorting issue sorted out.


      My next task and issue is to find the Top N Titles with the highest ratings. I need to find the Top N Titles based on the Channels filter, and not across the entire dataset so I have added Channel parameter to context. I have created a parameter control (Top N Titles by TVR) and added Titles as a filter, using By Field: Top "Top N Titles by TVR" by Rtg(000) Sum. However when I select e.g. Top 10 titles, I am getting more than 10 titles returned. Also some of the titles that were in the top 10 when i have NOT added this filter, were no longer on the list after I have added this filter.


      Please advise how I can get the filter working, or any other methods to achieve the above if the above steps are not correct. Attached is the packaged workbook (with sorting completed). Thank you.