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    Multiple values for the same point with filters

    Martin Janota


      I used this approach to get multiple values to the tooltip or display them:

      Re: How to add multiple items to category tooltip?

      so my results looks like this:

      so far so good - diplayed for one division and one category, but the thing is that i need to get more filters into the view. In case I select more divisions and/or categories I am getting something like this:

      so it displays ID multiple times...i am just guessing why, but cannot get it working. Any Ideas how to proceed further?


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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hey Martin,


          This is just a guess, but it looks like when you add another layer of data and then create a dual axes, you have labels in both layers.


          You should have multiple "sheets" that are laid on top of one another, and you can change the labels on each of these separately.



          Click on both categories/divisions, and make sure the "Label" is blank in one of them if you are expecting them to overlay.


          See if this solves your problem. Good luck!