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    How to find Avg refresh time of Extract?


      Hi awesome people,


      I have created admin view of data extracts with following fields..  datasource names, owner of datasource, workbook names, connection name and type, refresh schedules and average refresh duration  of extracts


      I am using 3 tables currently, datasources, data connections, workbooks. PFA


      datasources to gives me extract info/extract name

      Data connections for connection name/host name, type ( oracle, vertical, excel..)

      Workbook name to get name of workbook


      Not sure where to get refresh schedule duration? I assume it is when Refresh started and when it ended ...Started time- Complete Time.

      In my Data sources table i have 'extracts_refreshed_at' ,

      extracts_incremented_at,created_at, updated at

      Source: Workgroup DatabaseData Dictionary


      Do i need to join any other table (like Background jobs) and how?




      Any help is highly appreciated. thanks thanks thanks!!!