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    seeking advice on connecting to a local sqlite database

    D Sharpington



      I am trying to connect to a local sqlite database. Following the guidelines on the Tableau site, I installed the sqlite driver. I could then see the option in the driver drop-down list  after selecting 'other databases ODBC' and was able to browse and select my slqite file in the 'connection attributes' dialogue box.


      The issue I can't solve is that, on the data source screen in Tableau, the file name now shows as the entire path - ie EUsersDaveDocumentstableaudb10.db - rather than just db10.db. The tables in the database do not show so I can't use it, so I presume the incorrect file name is the problem.


      Looking at other discussions in thos community about excel conenctions, I wondered if I had to edit the path to"UNC" - you will have guessed by now that I'm not in any way an IT pro! - I tried to insert "\\" into the path name in the 'Connection Attributes' dialogue box but to no avail.


      Many thanks for any advice on this.