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    New to Tableau, got struck at a point

    rajendra kalepu

      Hi Team,


      I am new to Tableau Desktop, Currently i am using version 9.3. Initially i have gone through the tutorials in tableau website and tried to do the same what the instructor explained.

      But i got struck at one one point


      Following steps are mentioned in order in the tutorial


      1) First connect to excel Global Superstore Orders 2016.xlsx (the file is already available for download)

      2) Then connect to text Global Superstore Returns 2016.csv (the file is already available for download)


      When the trainer connected the excel sheet , she is actually getting an add option as show in below screenshot

      Where as when  i tried the same step1 and step2 the add option is missed as shown below, More over i am not even getting the header Connections


      Please help me in this regard.


      Thanks and Regards