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    Help!  Calculating a % with an aggregated and non-aggregated number

    shannon Dempster

      Hi!  I'm trying to create a % based on information from two data sources - one is an aggregated number and the other is not.


      Scheduled to Actual is the main data source

      RM UTIL is the secondary


      I want to aggregate the scheduled hours in "Scheduled to Actual" and divide by "available hours" in RM UTIL.


      For example, in September:

      John Doe has 152.690 scheduled hours

      I want to divide that by 176 available hours from the secondary data source.


      152.69 is aggregated

      176 is not


      i'm looking for it to show 86.8% but it's aggregating all of the available hours to 2,088 and making it 7%


      is this possible?!  I've been trying for hours!!!


      THANK YOU for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!