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    Index chart

    vidula Muruganandam



      I have a Indexed chart done as below. and

      And have few data points before the base 100% value and few after which are not getting plotted. How can I get this done.


      for column i have used a date and for row this what I have used.

      Indexed = MAX([PRICE])/WINDOW_MAX( IF [CONFIG ID filled] == [CONFIG ID Min Overall] THEN [Price Filled] END ) computed along CC_CONFIG_LINK_ID

      CONFIG ID filled = TOTAL(MIN([CC_CONFIG_LINK_ID])) computed along price effective date

      CONFIG ID Min Overall = TOTAL(MIN([CC_CONFIG_LINK_ID])) computed along price effectve date and cc_config_link_id

      Price Filled = IF ISNULL(MAX([PRICE])) THEN PREVIOUS_VALUE(MAX([PRICE])) ELSE MAX([PRICE]) END computed along price - effctive - date. this is  done so that I can build a step chart for another chart I was working on.


      This give me data like this

      But I will need the index for the null values as well.