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    How do I revert from an extract to the original data source?

    Bryan Sparks

      I created a workbook with several visualizations, and performance was not great, so I extracted data from the original data source. I used the options to aggregate data for visible dimensions and hide all unused fields.


      Now I need to make a change to one of the visualizations using a field that was not used previously and was hidden when I created the extract. I tried right-clicking on the extract, and unchecking Use Extract menu item. When I do this, it appears to revert back to the original data source it shows me all the fields. However, all of the fields that were hidden are now grayed out and I can't use them. I tried removing the extract, but that leaves me in the same position. Is there a way to revert back the original data source, adding the new field I need to the viz, and re-creating the extract short of rebuilding my whole viz?



      Bryan Sparks