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    How can I slice a field into different groups and let users toggle around using parameter controls?

    Kate Z

      Hi Tableau Gurus,


      I have a Tableau graph that uses following 2-week daily data, i.e. shows daily sales numbers from 8/25 - 9/08.


      Team        Daily Unit Sales (2016)        Daily Unit Sales (2015)

      A                        60                                          70

      B                        45                                          18

      C                        89                                          60

      D                        90                                          93

      E                        49                                          35

      F                        62                                          90


      Last week, we had a team consolidation, markets each team now manage shuffles a bit, so some Team were re-named. Now it looks like this:


      Team        Daily Unit Sales (2016)        Daily Unit Sales (2015)

      A                        90                                          89

      C                        32                                         44

      D                        69                                         102                                                               

      F                        52                                          90

      X                        35                                          56

      Y                        47                                          28


      B and E are gone, and we have new teams called X and Y.


      This gives me trouble, as this report presents both this week and last week's daily data, and now it looks very chaotic and confusing to users.


      I'm thinking of creating a parameter control to let users choose between "before/after consolidation" for their convenience, but counldn't figure out a way to do it.


      Any ideas?