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    When we be able to suppress double-click zoom on graphs?

    Jerry Wetherall

      When people double click on a Tableau graph with dual continuous axes the graph will zoom. This result is usually unexpected and unwanted and can sour the user's experience with the viz, and with Tableau.  Tableau users have long complained about this issue (https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1043). Tableau developers have said they are working on a fix; they've been saying it for a while. It's time for action. So on behalf of many frustrated viz authors I'm making the pitch again:  User's need to be able to disable the automatic double-click zooming that is a fixed feature on graphs having both axes continuous. We can now control double-click zoom behavior in maps. It's high time we can do it for all graphs.  Tableau devs, when can we expect to see this sorely-needed feature?  How about Tableau 10.1?