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    Alternative to dashboard actions to set a parameter value?

    Paul Foley

      Essentially what I want to do is create a dashboard action to change a parameter value, but it looks like it can't be done.

      I have about 16 dashboards (with about 5 sheets each) that are virtually the same except for one calculated measure. I can create duplicate worksheets and dashboards and configure each one to get my desired result, but it's not only time consuming to build, it's even worse when I need to make changes (having to change each sheet and dashboard).

      There is a main dashboard which tracks all 16 measures and I would like to create dashboard actions to open a more detailed dashboard for each of those measures by clicking on an icon. I'd also like to be able to link to each measure's detailed dashboard with a URL as well.

      They are going to published on Tableau Public, so passing the parameter in the URL won't work, though it works fine in Tableau Server. I am using Tableau 10.

      I'd like to know if I have any alternatives to creating and maintaining 90+ worksheets