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    Rank of Ranks for measures

    Joseph Hobbs

      I, like several others, have difficulty getting a rank-of-ranks to work.


      In my case, I have several Measures on which I've run the Quick Table Rank calculation. I would then like to know the average of these ranks combined.



      Can anyone shed some light on this for me?



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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hey Joseph,


          Hope you're doing well!


          I just did a quick sample of this in the attached workbook, and I think that as long as your Measure Values aren't changing, you can just create another Calculated Field averaging all those together. In the attached workbook, that's:




          +RANK(SUM([Number of Records]))




          You may need to play around if you're doing advanced calculations on the Rank, but hopefully this helps. If you need more help, post a copy of your workbook and I'll be happy to tinker to get the field you're looking for.



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            Joseph Hobbs

            Thanks Kathryn! I was running into the difficulty of trying to Aggregate Aggregates, but what you posted worked fine for me.