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    Data Extract truncating text string

    Mike Loveless

      Hi all,


      I'm having an issue where my VARCHAR field from a custom SQL query is changing upon extracting the data.  It appears that it is limiting it to 6 characters when extracted.  Live connection shows the expected data.  I've read some things where Tableau would limit to 1024, but haven't been able to find anything that relates.  I've attempted to extract the data from the Data Source, also from each worksheet through right clicking on the data source in the top left.  Both are producing the same results. 


      I'm currently using Tableau Desktop 9.3, looking to Extract for Tableau Reader.


      I first noticed the change on a worksheet when the name wasn't displaying correctly, scrolled through the Data on the Data Source tab and confirmed that it is indeed only 6 (I believe) characters.  Not sure if it is related, but I'm also having an issue with chart colors changing.