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    What if analysis for multiple variables

    Shikha Handoo

      Hello everyone,


      This question may sound repetitive but i am read the posts and tried some workarounds but I have not been able to crack this. So i know what if analysis for a single variable is easy like what would be by trend of my profit look like if I increase it by say 10%,20% etc.


      I am trying to do an analysis involving multiple variables keeping one fixed at a time. Say if I give a 10% additional discount, how will it impact ,my sales, profit . Or if i increase the quantity of goods sold by 10%, what would be the impact on Sales and Profit. Similar if I increase my sales by x% what impact it might have on my Profits and quality sold.


      I am not fully sure if it what if analysis or a correlation analysis. But i searched and couldn't find a solution. I would really appreciate any help on this.


      Thank much,