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    Is there a way to format filter indvidually?

    Purvi Ajmera

      The only option I see is "Format Filters'' which makes them all same.....I had the need to have one stand out so wanted to change the color on it.  I'm sure there a way- I just don't see it



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          Luciano Vasconcelos

          I'm not so sure.

          You can create sheets with fields and use them to filter.

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            Simon Runc

            hi Purvi,


            I'd love if someone can show me I'm wrong, but I've never found a way to do it (Out of Box anyway...we're looking at a, potential, method using the javascript API/URLs where we build the filters in javascript and pass the values to the Viz either by a URL, or the API...we've only just started and it looks pretty complicated!!...and might not work anyway!!). I'm no expert, but had a quick look in the XML and that formatting is set up as <Style>, and the filters reference that <Style>, and so all filters inherit that.


            The best I've come up with is to put a filter into a container, and then use the container-formatting to shade/add boarder, which at least get's it to pop-out a bit. One other thing that can work (and it is limmited to being a parameter, so not dynamic and single select) is, if possible, set up that filter as a parameter, and then you can format the parameter differently to the filters.


            Hope someone comes up with a "Ah, that's in the format menu"!!...but I've had a pretty good look.

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              Purvi Ajmera

              Wow I thought I would be something simple.  Thanks though!

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                I know this is not the perfect solution but it will do the purpose. Drop the filter inside a Horizontal container and fill it with the color you want. It should look like below and will help to stand out.


                Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 16.02.06.png

                Good Luck !!

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                  E Keeley-Arnold

                  I have noticed strange and inconsistent formatting behavior where filters and legends are concerned. You CAN change formatting of a individual filter. I am using Desktop version 10.2.1.


                  When I format filters I have found that it does not consistently apply the formatting to all filters. If I use the Format dropdown on the menu bar, then "Format Filters" it usually applies to all. However when I show a filter card on a worksheet, and use the drop down arrow for that filter, select "Format Filters" and change the settings, it only applies to that particular filter, even though it says "format filters" (plural).



                  The "Title" formatting (pink color) does not show on the worksheet (which is frustrating), however it DOES show on this filter on the dashboard, even though I changed the setting on the worksheet.  I don't know why "Shading is not an option for the "Title" formatting on the worksheet, the dropdown is covering the "Body" (which does have black "Shading"). but on the dashboard you see the "Title" shading is the same as "Body" (shading applies to entire filter). You can see in my pictures that I have two filters on the dashboard, the first one has a pink title, the second has a white title.


                  These screen shots are from one workbook. The map worksheet is on the dashboard




                  Hope this helps!

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                    Alex Cook

                    I am on 10.4 and unfortunately following your steps still affected every filter on my dashboard...shucks. Appreciate the insight though.