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    Reference line based on Avg

    Shipra Manchanda



      My data looks likes below. Its a sample version. Each Id can either trace to an Advertiser or Network.



      IDCategory BrandRating
      5AdvertiserTrader's Joe56


      I want to create a following view:


      I need to create a Horizontal bar chart with refernce line. I have put Brand on Rows and Avg. rating on Columns. The filter is set to Category- Network

      Is it possible to add a reference line that is the average of 'Rating' when I select a particular Brand under Advertiser category. i.e. If I select Walmart the average 'Rating' value is a reference line on the bar chart. And I can select only Brands under Category advertiser because Brand under Network category are a part of bar chart.


      Please let me know if you need any other info.



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          Hi, Is the attached what you are looking for?


          I imagine there are easier solutions to this but what i did was...


          Duplicated the data source.

          Made a field called "Link" in each source that was just a constant value and used that as the link to blend the 2 sources.

          Made a parameter to choose the advertiser.

          Made a calculated field in the duplicated data source that only returned the ratings for the advertiser chosen in the parameter.(case [Brand] when [Parameter 1] then [Rating] else null end)

          Dragged that calculated field into the marks card.

          Added a reference line using that field.


          This way the filters you choose for your bar chart wont apply to the average coming from the duplicated data source.


          Hopefully this helps.

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            Shipra Manchanda

            Thanks a Lot. It worked like a charm.