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    Some Sheets as tabs in a dashboard - see dashboard preview below for example

    Yunus Gittham


      Based on the above dashboard I have the following worksheets  for every section

      1. Large Number

      2. Dot next to large Number

      3. Straight Line

      4. Line Graph


      Only in section 2 and 5, I have "Yearly/Monthly" tabs.


      So in all I have

      Section 1, 3 and 4 - 4 Worksheets

      Section 2 and 5 - 5 Worksheets


      Total of 22 worksheets


      But only section 2 and 5 have the worksheets that contains tabs.

      I am aware that if we upload the worksheets as tabs option when uploading to the server, but this is not for all worksheets, it is for only 4 worksheets out of 22.


      Will that same "Worksheets as tabs" feature work for this and how will it identify which ones I want as tabs?


      Can someone please help?