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    Proxy and Load balancer Configuration with ssl

    Judith Lanzo

      Tableau Version 9.3


      We have configured an environment with a proxy server and a load balancer.


      Let's say proxy has url of tableau.mycompany.com

      and load blalancer has url of tableau-int.mycompany.com


      My question is related to enabling ssl on the Tableau server.  Should the cert be using tableau-int.mycompany.com or tableau.mycompany.com ?

      We also are using SAML SSO.  Same question as above for the cert for SAML configuration?


      Currently I have the cert configured for tableau.mycompany.com, and am using it for both ssl and saml.

      I've also only added the proxy url and ip to my gateway.hosts etc...


      I saw a note in the online help that the cert should use the fqdn for the load balancer , but I also saw another note that the cert should be the fqdn for the url the users will be using to access the envirnonment (which would be the proxy url tableau.mycompany.com)


      Everything is working, but is very slow and I'm not sure if it is due to the configurations.