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    Countd the total number of false

    LR Qin

      Hi, I am stuck on a step for "counted the total number of false". I want to calculate the percent for each measure. Since participant can check more than one measure, I can not use table calculation. Currently I am using "Counted [Unique ID]" as the denominator. However, this is not what I really want. The correct one is to sum the total number of false from "No Collected". The statement for the calculation field is "COUNTD(IF [No Collected] = FALSE THEN [Unique ID] ELSE 0 END)". But it is wrong. Please help. Thank you very much.

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          Simon Runc

          hi LR,


          Is this the formula you are looking for?....


          COUNTD(IF NOT([No Collected]) THEN [Unique ID] END)



          As a True/False field you don't need an Equals False, and also you don't want an else part. Anything that isn't NULL get's counted in a COUNTD...so your ELSE 0 would get counted one, but by not having any ELSE part (or you could do ELSE NULL END) anything that is True gets a NULL assignment and so doesn't get counted in your COUNTD. You can then just do a COUNTD([UniqueID]) to get the %age.


          Hope I've understood correctly, but if not please post back.

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            LR Qin

            Thank you very much for your quick reply. I just figured it out by myself. The statement I use is as follows.


            COUNTD(IF [No Collected] = FALSE THEN [Unique ID] END)


            And yours works fine as well. Thanks.