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    Sorting within dimensions (sorting by several dimensions in order)

    Andres Castaneda

      Hi all,


      I have a dataset arranged in a long format with the aggregate coverage of electricity by gender, urban/rural division, geographic areas, country,  and year. I created the [ID] variable as a combined field of geographic areas, gender, and urb/rural division. Thus I could create an overlapping bar chart by year filtering by country. The objective is to be able to sort my chart by year first, and then sort it by electricity coverage. However, Tableau sorts it by the sum of  electricity coverage in all the years for each combination in [ID]. But I don't want that. I want to see the combination in [ID] with the highest coverage in the first year, fix it, and then start looking a the coverage of such [ID] combinations over time, based on the first sorting. The problem is that I have the data in long format and different years of information for each country. I only left in the file attached Peru and Colombia, but the file has at least ten more countries with different years, so the wide format does not work as each country would have different variable names for electricity coverage depending of their corresponding years.


      Could somebody help me, please?


      Thank you so much!

      Andres Castaneda