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    Tableau PostgreSQL database: Is it possible to distinguish between genuine actions and page refreshes after inactivity?

    Tim Lang

      I have built a dashboard that uses data from the Tableau PostgreSQL database. The "historical_events" table logs, amongst other things, every time a user opens a View via Tableau Server.


      The problem I have is that if a user leaves the View open in their browser then after a period of inactivity, Tableau will refresh the view. This leads to an additional record in "historical_events". I would like to be able to see how many times a user has genuinely opened a View, and not have the figure inflated by these refreshes.


      As an example, here is part of my dashboard. It shows multiple events throughout 3-5 Sep, but the only genuine events were the ones I've highlighted with a red box.


      How can I identify these genuine events separate from the refreshes?


      Many thanks!