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    Embedding tableau source link in Alteryx app - Alteryx Gallery

    Mahadevaswamy B

      1. The alteryx app developed is published in the PROD alteryx gallery and accessed via Alteryx Gallery.

      2. The tableau dashboard is linked to the alteryx workflow by embedding the tableau source code into the alteryx workflow to generate a PCXML file.

      3. Once the workflow run is completed and when tried to open the Tableau PCXML file, page keeps loading and dashboard is not displayed as shown in below screen shot.

      This issue occurs only if the PROD Tableau server , where this dashboard is published is not logged in.



      4. If the PROD Tableau server is logged in via another browser tab (marked in red) and when the same Tableau pcxml file is selected, the dashboard is displayed as shown in the below screen shot.



      Hence need help on finding a solution where this tableau dashboard is displayed in alteryx gallery without logging into the Tableau server.