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    Server performance


      Hi Guys,




      May I please know that how server performance is effected in Data Blending. If effected in which way and what are necessary steps to be taken to improve the performance.



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          Jeff Strauss

          it's a pretty broad based question, but here are my thoughts.


          - Are you asking about overall server performance?  If so, data blending is asking the server to do work, so I expect that CPU utilization will go up, though it should be minimal.


          - If you append ?:record_performance=yes, then Tableau Server will show a button after rendering where it has recorded all the steps of rendering, and then you can analyze


          - Basically if you are blending a primary and secondary, then it will run 3 queries, one for primary, one for secondary, and a 3rd that somehow merges the two.


          - Depending on the size of the queries, the rendering time may be ok or could slow down


          - Parallel queries, released as part of 9.0 will be at least partially turned off


          - With Tableau 10, you can join datasources as part of the data connection window.  This is an alternative to data blending

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            Thanks Jeff for investing time on this by giving your explanation. It was really helpful