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    Filter names out of a list based on another changing list

    Abhiram Sahasrabudhe


      I am a Tableau newbie and am developing a dashboard that gives summary of the performance of devices for a particular date.


      The dashboard has a list of devices that do not have a summary generated for the selected date. I need to exclude certain names from this list, and the names to be excluded may change every day (Date 1 - A2 || Date 2 - A2, A3, A5 and so on), thus needs to be done dynamically.


      I have thought of adding a field to exclude the device from the list, so it can be simply filtered out, but this means adding the include/exclude value to the list every day for each device and would be best avoided. (Attachment - Least preferred solution)


      IMHO a better way to do this is to generate a list for the devices that need to be excluded for each day (I would appreciate any tips for making this list, generating it is easy). How can this list be used to filter the names in the final list? (Attachment - Possible solution)


      Thanks in advance,