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    help needed with a calculated field based on sets

    Somok Sarkar

      Hello Everyone,



      Currently I am facing an issue  due to incorrect calculation.



      I have shared the attached report and the excel file. I need to create a calculation which returns 4 categories  and drag it to the color shelf. Currently the result of the count of zip codes are showing incorrect values. Correct should be as follows



      Count of Zip codes
      Category 1when Top 25 by Score =1168
      Category 2when Top 25 by unit =1219
      Category 3when Top 25 by unit & Score=1 (shared class)71
      Category 4when Top 25 by unit & Score=0 (other class)418


      I am able to distinguish it using sets however can someone please let me know the error in the calc field that I have created?