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    Question about Symbol Map with Filter

    Hebe Chen

      Hello. I am new to Tableau and to this forum. I have a question regarding the symbol map with filters. The question is described as below.


      Say I have hundreds of points with GPS locations, and each point has an assigned value Z. Assume the total range of Z is 0 to 1. 


      1. I want to plot the points on the symbol map with different colors, while the color of points depends on the value of Z. I am able to plot by myself for this.


      2. I want to use three colors: green, yellow, and red. But I'm not sure the exact thresholds between two colors, and I only know that for example the threshold between green and yellow is around 0.3, and between yellow and red is around 0.7. So I want to create a filter (slider bar) with three sections that I can use on the map to change the threshold between the colors and to decide how these points are displayed on the map and further refine the map. My question is if I am able to achieve with Tableau.


      Thank you very much for your help!