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    Site-Specific SAML-Based Authentication


      I'm evaluating authentication features of Tableau Server 10 using Trial version. Could you please clarify these questions.


      1) Is Site-Specific SAML-Based Authentication supported in Tableau Server 10 Trial version or only in Enterprise version?

      I'm trying to setup Site-Specific SAML-Based Authentication using the steps in this link. I see "SAML authentication for the server" option on the SAML tab, but I do not see this option "SAML authentication for the server and for sites" as outlined in this link. When we used "SAML authentication for the server" option, the same SAML authentication is getting applied to all the sites within Tableau server and we do not want that.  https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#saml_site_specific.htm


      2) If there are 2 sites within Tableau server, can we setup one site with Active Directory Authentication and another site with SAML Authentication using an IdP provider(for ex: Okta)?